2015 Programs
16 Mar 2015 Nancy & Billy's Florida Orchid Excursion
20 Apr 2015 Orchid Basics
by Deb Delmas
18 May 2015 Annual Orchid Auction
15 Jun 2015 Orchid Conservation

by Dr. Lawrence Zettler

Our June program will be Orchid Conservation in North America from Florida to Hawaii presented by Dr. Lawrence Zettler.

Dr. Zettler is a professor of Biology at Illinois College and holds a Ph.D. in Plant Physiology. He has several affliations including the American Orchid Society Research Committee and has numerous orchid related publications.

His most recent exhibition is this June in Ecuador collecting orchids in the cloud forests of the Andes (10,000') at the base of Cajas National Park. 
20 Jul 2015 Magnificent Stanhopeas

Linda Wilhelm
of Woodland Orchids, Charlotte
17 Aug 215 Miniature Orchids

presented by Sheila Pappas
21 Sep 2015 Growing Hardy Orchids Outdoors

by John Tullock
19 Oct 2015 Orchid Pollinators

The Real Reason For Those
Wonderful Blooms!

Presented By Tish Hall
16 Nov 2015 Cathie Mayne

Land Trust Of North Alabama
2:00 p.m.
Sun 6 December
Holiday Party

Rodger Morrison

1174 Kelly Spring Road
Harvest AL 35749
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