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Orchid Related Sites:
The American Orchid Society

The Orchid Photo Page by Greg Allikas

Orchid Culture Information

Antec Laboratories Ladyslipper Page

Orchid Species Page

Orchids of the United Sates

The O Zone -- A web publication with interesting information, as well as, a yearly "How to Show Orchids" guide.

The Orchid Lady -- An informative site with lots of interesting information. Created and maintained by Linda Fortner.
Orchid Forums:
The AOS Forum

A good site to get answers to your questions from a diverse group of knowledgeable growers. Note, this group grows a large array of different orchids.

Orchid Safari

Orchid Safari has a live chat on different topics with guest speakers. The live meetings are 8:00 p.m. (Central) , that's OrchidSafari time on Wednesday and Saturday nights. This site also contains the archives from previous discussions.

Garden Web Orchid Forum
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